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SIRUS RACHA 1530  Aluminium Catamaran.
(developed from Silkline 1510)

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by Sirus Asia Catamarans Co. Ltd Thailand

Continuing in our efforts to develop our line of quality aluminium performance cruising catamarans Sirus Asia Catamarans has now located to a new fabrication and fit out premises east of Bangkok in Chonburi / Chomtien Thailand on the southern outskirts of the better know holiday destination of Pattaya.

The Australian Government Trade Commission has supported our move to our new location in Thailand and are giving us continued assistance in dealing with Thailand departments for importation of products from Australia and elsewhere in the world for our projects along with logistical support in Thailand.

Our team now comprises of skilled Thai Lloyds and DNV certified welders and fabricators supported by western Naval Architects and technical quality assurance teams

Our Sirus Racha 1530 cats are produced from a full CAD pre-cut kit to streamline production and remove any precision factors from the plate nesting, development and cutting process. 

All alloys used are Australian supplied with accompanying certification documentation along with all CAD cutting and plate nesting requirements.

We have full supervision on the shop floor at all times during all stages with the western technical staff covering quality assurance aspects.  Our quality assurance staff liaises between our Naval Architects, construction team supervisors, western electrical engineers and Thai fabrication and fit out crews to maintain a strict level of quality control. Quality assurance contributes to our branding program and enhances market values giving excellent re-sale values for our catamarans.

As with all of our projects R & D continues with improvements and upgrades as an ongoing process.

All plans are now to CE/ISO standards and the structural production is to CE standards. Standards achieved are to European and world class

Our first Sirus Racha 15.30M / 50.19 foot has been moved from the fabrication shed to the fit out shed in September. A few weeks later our 2nd Sirus Racha 1530  catamaran begins.

Notable inclusions are:

Duel walkthrough transoms, outside dining table to port, large sized cockpit area in line with European concepts for out door living, alloy cabin soles / floors giving a second skin and watertight integrity throughout  the vessel, water and fuel capacity for long distance cruising located in the hulls providing not only extra capacity but water tight integrity, windows angled to reduce heat intrusion into the coach roof,  a large upstairs user friendly gourmet galley, international standard electrical systems, introduction of dedicated black water holding tanks and sewage treatment systems, sealed AGM batteries, addition of Brunton’s UK Autoprops for better motoring performance and a reduction in diesel usage per mile,  engine capacity of 54 HP,  20 metre / 65.61 foot alloy rig and custom single line reefing boom system with all controls leading aft to the safety of the cockpit, headroom in the main saloon to over 2 mtrs / 6.56 foot.
All four cabins have their own toilet shower facilities with an additional day toilet shower at saloon level. If the charter version is selected there is in fact no master cabin as all have the same facilities and space. Space is gained in the galley by installing large fridge systems under the dining table. The Sirus Racha 1530 lines are soft with many radiused joins.
Independent water tight engine bays have been maintained aft with a sound separation zone between the living areas. Aluminum engine access hatches are special fabricated and large enough for engine removal without the need to dismantle the engine.

All other Aluminum fabricated hatches are recessed into the deck with drains overboard.

Quality Anderson stainless winches have been added including one electric model for ease of halyard control from the cockpit.

Hatches and ports are quality Moonlight hatches from Denmark.

For ease of use and protection for the propellers and rudders mini keels have been installed. The hulls are sleek and hydro- dynamic, weight are low for a cat of this size even though the vessels strength is in line with CE / ISO requirements.

Very important bridge deck clearances have been maintained at 850mm in lightship mode.


Weighing in at just 8575 kg displacement / 18867 lbs and an immersion factor of 1026 kg/cm the Sirus Racha 1530 are very weight efficient considering their 15.3 metres / 50.19 foot size in length with a beam of 7.695 Metres / 25.24 foot.


Semi custom requirements can be catered for with the personalizing of the Sirus Racha to private owner standards. A semi custom built production catamaran has the best of both worlds.

New Owners programs are set in place with comprehensive training on systems aboard supported by full wiring diagrams of the electrical systems aboard and plumbing systems.

Dedicated after sales service and factory warranties apply.

We offer a number of opportunities to own one of these cats with a suitable scheme for all budgets.

  • Full ownership under management as a charter vessel in Phuket Thailand with returns.
  • Opportunity to base a vessel in Ibiza Spain under charter or private management under full ownership.
  • Full ownership for private use delivered to your required port
  • Full ownership managed in Phuket.
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Syndication
  • Holiday Club participation in a Phuket run Sirus Racha 1530 charter catamaran at present under construction.


Contact: ( Sirus Asia Co. Ltd.)   


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